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Problem being addressed:

Healthcare facilities are understaffed and underskilled to deal with the projected massive influx of critically ill patients, as the prevalent infection scare amongst the medical staff is leading to some of them not participating. Critically ill patients require specialized care: access to an Intensivist becomes essential . Trained healthcare workers needed to treat a large influx of COVID-19 patients are limited. ICU specialists are even more scarce.

Unique solution:

Cloudphysician enables remote ICU monitoring by using standardized protocols to provide 24X7 monitoring, assessment, and support to patients in ICUs using intensive EMR, audio-visuals, and alert systems. Telemonitoring of ICUs can be an effective way to approach COVID treatment by improving intensivist-to-patient ratio, allowing experienced insivitists to guide junior doctors and reducing exposure of other staff


(Bangalore): Dhruv Joshi, MD (US board certification: Internal medicine, Critical Care, Pulmonary medicine); Dileep Raman, MD (US board certification: Internal medicine, Critical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep medicine); Dhruv Sud, Head of Engineering, 8+ years at Epic Systems (development team)