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Problem being addressed:

Mass scale testing is an increasing challenge as India tries to arrest the spread of Covid-19. The test collection leg is expensive and will soon become a bottleneck to scale testing, if the virus spreads prescribe) + innovative ways to administer the test so that we can test at scale.

Unique solution:

HuWel has created an ICMR and DCGI approved RT-PCR test kit and manufactures the two critical enzymes used in the RT-PCR master mix in-house. As a result, they have more control over their supply chain, and are also cheaper. The company also manufactures and supplies RNA Extraction kits and Swab collection kits, both of which enable the sample to be contamination-free.


Dr. Shesheer Kumar and Dr. Rachana Tripathi (Co-founders, previously founded RAS, acquired by Biomerieux France)