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Volunteers have been the bedrock of ACT since inception. We welcome you to volunteer your time and be a co-founder of social change.

Grantee Sourcing

Grantee Sourcing

Research key social issues and potential solutions, screen applicants and conduct due diligence

Community building

Community Building

Build a strong community and help shape our vision and mission

Grant Management

Grant Management

Support grant deployment, documentation
and manage grantee relationships

Product Development Hours

Product Development

Produce efficient code per specifications, test and deploy programs and improve existing software for ACT and its grantees

M&E and Learning

M&E and Learning

Evaluate grant performance vis-a-vis objectives
and communicate learnings



Plan and execute communication and media actions across channels in line with ACT's branding strategy

Portfolio management

Portfolio Management

Support grantees' core business strategies and functions as well as support functions (finance, operations, compliance, etc.)

HR & team building

HR & Team Building

Build and manage a team of full-time employees & volunteers across verticals


ACT For Women

Support the Pact for Gender Equality and drive Corporate Workplace Report 2021, startup women’s network, internships and mentorship program, Return to Work program, identify and fund new ideas

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