Equipping State War rooms : The Drona Maps Solution

A conversation with the team at Drona Maps, which is helping administrative bodies create a control and command centre dashboard solution to monitor the fight against Covid.

What led you to be involved in this initiative? How did you discover the problem statement?

We were in Punjab for an active project (for mapping the road network of the state) when the state was structuring its initial response to the Corona crisis. During a casual conversation the client mentioned the dashboard made by Johns Hopkins University to track the global spread of the crisis and the fact that both of us (the founders) are alumni of the University led us to embark on this engagement. We had a day to create a public facing dashboard for India and a district wise one for Punjab specifically. Over a course of time, the scope of work increased to include geofencing of quarantined patients, cluster analysis of the spread, location tracking with CDR ( call records data ), and predictive analysis for spatial spread based on these parameters. It was an opportunity for us to bring our education from our alma mater and our expertise in geospatial intelligence together for the public good.

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India Covid metrics tracking dashboard created by the Drona Maps team

What is the current traction/impact on the ground?

We have implemented our solution across five Indian states ( Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, and Meghalaya) and are onboarding more as we speak. So far we have had 2 Million views in the first few days of launching our public dashboards.

We have influenced on ground strategy and defined containment zones for Rajasthan and Punjab. In Punjab, the containment areas have been defined using the geolocation of positive patients, the home quarantine clusters, the population density and demographic data. This has yielded a blockwise implementable containment area.

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State dashboards created by the team in Punjab.


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