ACT For Health Grantee: iWill

Shipra Dawar was working at Boston Consulting Group when the inspiration to start a platform that de-stigmatises and democratises access to mental health care struck.

Having lived through a personal experience with mental health where traditional care was unable to help, she started to think about how India had one of the highest rates of depressive episodes and needed a disruptive solution that could address the issue in an innovative way.

iWill was born of Shipra’s resolve to make mental wellness accessible to everyone – an evidence based digital platform for mental health that enables customised therapy plans for each individual’s unique needs. The app’s automated algorithm-based assessment tests the depth and severity of reported symptoms, pairs the user with a therapist best suited to their needs and recommends a session plan.

Today, IWill has benefitted over 10 million+ people across urban and rural settings with self-help content for mental health and 600K+ individuals with direct counselling – the vernacular intervention has shown a 98% efficacy rate in addressing depression and anxiety. With partnerships with the Haryana, Rajasthan & Maharashtra state governments, it has catered to Asha workers, migrant workers, teachers, COVID patients as well as women and senior citizens in remote villages.

We’re proud to have IWill as an ACT For Health grantee and look forward to enabling more people across socio-economic backgrounds to rise above prejudice and stigma to seek quality mental healthcare!

If you’re a social entrepreneur working on an innovative solution to the access to affordability gap on healthcare in India, get in touch with us here.

Because we believe that everyone can be a co-founder of social change!

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