ACT For Education portfolio comes together to reimagine edtech for Bharat

We believe that when mission driven individuals come together as a community, magic can happen!️

August saw our entire ACT For Education portfolio come together in Delhi to learn from each other and collaborate with each other. The 2 days were an immersive mix of expert sessions & discussions which galvanised our EdTech For Bharat entrepreneurs around positively shifting the landscape in the time to come.

With over 30 attendees, the event consisted of 8 sessions that were led by different entrepreneurs and explored a variety of topics such as collaborating with the government, role of digital public goods and how to leverage YouTube to scale. We debated key challenges in the current system & brainstormed on enablers that could help us achieve educational social impact at scale – each of us leaving with a thousand ideas on building the future of edtech for good – together.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Manan Khurma (Founder – Cuemath), Sanjay Purohit (Chief Curator – Societal Platform), Gouri Gupta (Director – Central Square Foundation), Rahul Kulkarni (Chief Technologist – Samagra), Erica Arya (India Head – Project Tech4Dev), Mekin Maheshwari (Founder – Udhyam Learning Foundation) & Mohit Bhatnagar (MD – Sequoia Capital) for sharing their wisdom with our incredible group of social entrepreneurs.

At ACT, our community is our superpower. We hope to create more such spaces in the future as we continue to grow our portfolio and catalyse more edtech innovations for Bharat!

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