ACT For Health Grantee: BHS

Basic Healthcare Services (BHS) is an NGO that was born of the realization that rural India still struggles with a lack of access to  proper healthcare.

With the aim of ensuring dignified healthcare for vulnerable communities, a group of public health & development professionals came together to set up a network of high quality, low cost primary healthcare services in Rajasthan’s tribal areas.

Tribal communities have a high prevalence of tuberculosis but existing XRay diagnostics are expensive & unavailable in rural PHCs. Patients have to incur huge expenses to travel to the nearest city for the XRay and often drop out of treatment; which can be fatal.

As an ACT For Health grantee, BHS is setting up light and inexpensive XRay machines across 3 AMRIT Clinics in Udaipur and 1 PHC in Dungarpur district to enable timely and effective diagnosis of TB. They’ll install a reader in one of the nodes to capture data from all machines; leading to an estimated cost reduction of 40%.

We are proud to play a small part in BHS’s journey & look forward to the wave of change they’ll bring to underserved communities healthcare needs!

If you’re a healthcare entrepreneur working on an innovative solution to address the access to affordability gap for Bharat, get in touch with us here.

Because we believe that everyone can be a co-founder of social change!

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