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Problem being addressed:

Pandemics such as COVID-19 require measures like physical distancing and lockdown. While such disease containment measures may quell the outbreak- people in isolation are likely to experience fear about the consequences of the contagion, financial uncertainty, anxiety, insomnia and mental distress. While people in quarantine might experience boredom, loneliness, anger, anxiety and guilt about the effect of contagion and stigma on family and friends. This unaddressed crisis can lead to the early and long-term onset of mental health conditions stemming from and not limited to post-traumatic symptoms like sleep disturbance, hopelessness, flash-backs, depression, substance abuse and more.

Unique solution:

COVID Response trains counsellors in crisis counselling and psychological first-aid and connects them with people who're most vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic for pro bono one-on-one sessions. The pool of psychologists has a collective linguistic base of 22 languages. Through their strong belief in collective action, the team is on track to counter the supply gap of mental health professionals by partnering extensively with mental health organisation and governments.


Program Lead: Siddhant Khurana (Co-founder- Mind Piper, 5 years of experience in mental health and development sector) Prarthana Sharma (Co-founder- Aatma Prakash, Counselling Psychologist with 6 years of experience) Akanksha Chandele (Co-founder- I AM, Counselling Psychologist with 8 years of experience)