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Problem being addressed:

Enforcing the guidelines of the National lockdown to help contain COVID-19, has been a challenging task for security forces and district administrations across the country. Patrolling every lane and checking every open ground is time-consuming and also exposes the police force to high risk.

Unique solution:

The Drone Federation of India has built the Nation Drone Rapid Response Force (NDRRF) comprising ready-to-deploy Drone Force and easy to use Control Centre Dashboard. This force connects State authorities with drone pilots in each region to send out drones from within a safe environment to monitor areas COVID-19 affected areas. The platform aggregates data from the field, alerts the designated officer with an accurate geo-location and has a live-streaming video-wall which helps assess the situation in real-time. Analytics reports can be obtained to identify trends and patterns. Drones with loudspeaker systems are also being sent out into dense and inaccessible places to deliver a message or warning in the local language. The solution is being targeted towards the 20 most impacted districts to monitor social distancing more effectively. The NDRRF roadmap includes building a platform for working with on-demand drone requests for all types of drone use cases, as the lockdown starts to open up.


Drone Federation of India(DFI) is a not for profit industry body with the largest network of drone manufacturers, drone operators and service providers in India. DFI is aggregating its network of more than 30 manufacturers and 1500 pilots to support the Police Force and the District Administration in the fight against COVID-19. It is led by Smit Shah (Director - Partnerships, Drone Federation of India), Deep Kanakia (Director - Operations, Drone Federation of India)

Grant Impact:

Drone Federation of India successfully closed the ACT grant objectives in August 2020. With their active fleet of 162 drone pilots, they helped Police, Municipal Corporations, and Disaster Management officials handle COVID Situation more actively. With a presence in over 50+ cities and over 16000 drones deployed, they offered their services in spreading awareness, enforcing social distancing, crowdsourced monitoring, and on-demand monitoring. They reported 51000+ incidents of COVID regulation violation to relevant authorities, aiding in a timely response.