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Problem being addressed:

PPEs are the first line of defence for doctors and health workers treating patients. There is a massive shortage of PPEs throughout the country today, with manufacturers at full capacity. If we don’t have enough PPEs, we lose our troops (doctors) on the ground and effectively lose the war. This is the basic armor they need to fight this battle.

Unique solution:

Fashinza is providing a scalable demand-supply matching platform for all PPE, while providing a working capital advance to suppliers. They are also providing connections with 3rd party logistics to fulfill raw material and final delivery. Fashinza also enables production of complete PPE kits, by onboarding more suppliers in areas of shortage.


Abhishek Sharma, Pawan Gupta

Grant Impact:

Fashinza successfully closed the ACT Grant objectives in August 2020.They helped 100+ local manufactures spread across India by providing them with working capital support for production and provided them with special logistics tie-ups to provide last mile delivery across India.They delivered 14,37,246 PPEs worth Rs. 5.02 Cr. solving demand-supply mismatch in PPEs.They enabled the production of complete PPE kits by unlocking ten new suppliers in areas of supply shortages by repurposing existing factories.These efforts led to an increase in supply capacity of PPEs by 1,19,786 units per week.