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Problem being addressed:

To manage high-risk infected patients, a typical series of events involves putting patients on High Flow Nasal Oxygen before going over to the ventilator stage. Since India faces a strong shortage of ventilators if the infection spreads to a wider scale, it is imperative that most patients are cured at the stage previous to that, which will require the use of High Flow Nasal Cannulas (HFNC) devices. In India, there is a manufacturing (and thus, time to market) capacity shortage for such devices. prescribe) + innovative ways to administer the test so that we can test at scale.

Unique solution:

Since HFNC devices are hypothesised to be highly effective in regulating the respiratory needs and body pressure to battle the virus, ACT has purchased 4 HFNC devices to conduct trials with a doctor. Upon successful trial (quality check), we intend to scale the order size with the specific Chinese vendor who helps us minimizes the time to market for these devices


Anirvan Chowdhury (ACT Grant team-member, investment team at Blume Ventures) and Simran Saluja (ACT Grant team-member, investment team at 3one4 Capital)