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Problem being addressed:

PPEs are the first line of defence for doctors and health workers treating patients. There is a massive shortage of PPEs throughout the country today, with manufacturers at full capacity. If we don’t have enough PPEs, we lose our troops (doctors) on the ground and effectively lose the war. This is the basic armor they need to fight this battle. prescribe) + innovative ways to administer the test so that we can test at scale.

Unique solution:

Plans to fundraise for PPE for Hospitals via Crowdfunding, CSR, Employee Giving as well as Crowdfunding at Corporates, Rotary & other clubs. Funds will be transferred directly to PPE suppliers via Moglix. ImpactGuru plans to raise 5 - 10x the grant received through ACT


Piyush Jain (Co-founder, Consulting and banking experience with BCG and JP Morgan, Wharton MBA 2007, Harvard Kennedy Policy 2013) and Khushboo Jain (Co-founder, previous experience in fashion industry, London College of Fashion)