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20th August 2023

Recycling wastewater to make a difference

17th August 2023

Role of oxygenation devices in alleviating the oxygen crisis in India

14th August 2023

Our effort is to make quality school education through tech more accessible to socio-economically marginalized families

2nd August 2023

How fellowship programmes can help unlock young talent for India’s social impact sector

6th July 2023

India’s climate action strategy needs a social entrepreneurial lens

5th July 2023

ACT Fellowship Programme Invites Applications For 2023-24 Cohort

5th June 2023

Tech-led innovations hold the key to battling India's water crisis

3rd June 2023

This chemist has been recycling plastic waste into fuels and petrochemicals

13th May 2023

ACT hosts the 1st edition of ACT Summit 2023 in Delhi

6th May 2023

Leveraging tech-led innovations to strengthen India's fight against tuberculosis

7th April 2023

The importance of bringing private innovations to public healthcare

16th March 2023

The best of ed-tech is still ahead of us

6th March 2023

Startups can help India accelerate its progress towards gender equity at the workplace

18th January 2023

ACT For Women Launches Women In India's Startup Ecosystem Report (WISER) In Collaboration With The Udaiti Foundation

16th January 2023

Top Parent and REVY from the ACT portfolio share their outlook for 2023

16th January 2023

Green Startup Pledge one of the big startup trends for 2023

14th January 2023

Accelerating climate action with social entrepreneurship

23rd November 2022

After Cousin’s Diagnosis, Researcher Builds Non-Invasive Device To Detect Breast Cancer

15th November 2022

Leveraging a bias for action with the Green Startup Pledge

14th November 2022

ACT & BCG launch Green Startup Pledge at COP27

12th November 2022

Nithin Kamath & Deepinder Goyal back ACT-BCG's Green Startup Pledge

11th November 2022

Top unicorn founders & VCs back ACT-BCG's Green Startup Pledge

11th November 2022

ACT For Health invests 3.2 Cr towards accessible & affordable cancer care in India

19th October 2022

ACT brings Vidyakul & Josh Skills to its ACT For Education portfolio

18th October 2022

ACT For Education collaborates with Vidyakul & Josh Skills

10th October 2022

ACT collaborates with Wysa on mental health app in Hindi

16th August 2022

One Man Brings Free, High-Quality Education to Lakhs in Maharashtra’s Backward Regions

14th July 2022

Philanthropic capital and a lesson in accountability for Indian edtech

7th July 2022

CuriousJr collaborates with ACT to build a more effective platform for education

27th October 2021​

ACT For Education, UNICEF and YuWaah, come together to support the development of employability and life skills for young people ​

7th May 2022

ACT, Swasth Alliance And Feeding India To Donate 50,000 Oxygen Concentrators Nationally In May

7th May 2021​

Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma Donate ₹2 Crore To ACT In COVID-19 Fight

28th April 2021​

India's Entrepreneurs And Investors Are Mobilizing To Help The Nation Fight COVID-19 And You Can Too

26th April 2021​

ACT Looks To Raise INR 75 Cr To Boost Indian Healthcare Amid Covid Crisis

26th April 2021​

Start-Ups, Venture Capitalists Offer Funds To Tackle Oxygen Scarcity

26th April 2021

Startup Community Stands Up For India: A List Of Projects You Can Contribute To

26th April 2021

Startups join battle against COVID-19; a look at how they are helping India breathe again

26th April 2021

Startup ecosystem breathes new life into India's Covid fight

26th April 2021

Amazon Partners ACT, Temasek To Bring In 10,000 Oxygen Concentrators, BiPAP Machines Into India

26th April 2021

Startups, Tech Giants Pitch In To Help India

25th April 2021

ACT Steps Up Again To Battle COVID-19

24th April 2021

#StartupsVsCovid19: How Founders And VCs Are Amping Up Efforts To Solve India’s Covid Resource Crunch

24th April 2021

Covid-19 Crisis: Startups Step Up Efforts To Assist In Oxygen Delivery

12th April 2021

Learning from 2020, ACT wants to solve societal problems beyond Covid-19

25th February 2021​

ACT eyeing Rs 500 crore for a second act