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Problem being addressed:

As offices and public places start opening up and the human traffic picks up, maintaining good hygiene would be critical to prevent the spread of COVID19. Using individual hand sanitiser bottles especially in large public places and offices is ineffective as it is not contactless and is difficult to manage refills along with non-adherence to 20-second-rule of washing hands prescribe) + innovative ways to administer the test so that we can test at scale.

Unique solution:

MicroGo has an iOT enabled hand hygiene device called GoAssure which assures hand hygiene compliance (viz., six steps of hand hygiene and 20 secs hand rubbing) and provides data on individual compliance. The devices are currently deployed at AAI operated airports. MicroGo also supplies refill bottles for the sanitiser solution to be used in the device


Rachna Dave (Founder, formerly - scientist at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)

Grant Impact:

MicroGO successfully closed the ACT grant objectives in August 2020. GOassure™, their IoT based patent-pending innovative product, ensures good hand hygiene and is entirely contactless in use. They dispatched 100+ units across various governmental and private organizations making hand sanitisation better than ever.