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Problem being addressed:

Mass scale testing is an increasing challenge as India tries to arrest the spread of Covid-19. The test collection leg is expensive and will soon become a bottleneck to scale testing, if the virus spreadsprescribe) + innovative ways to administer the test so that we can test at scale.

Unique solution:

MolBio has come up with an indigenously made portable RT-PCR machine and testing kits which are manufactured domestically primarily. These machines are battery operated (can last 8 hrs) equipped with data connectivity and perform 30-150 tests/day with a turnaround time of 45 mins. They also have an in-built printer for printing results. This way they can be used in the remotest areas. Since MolBio is not only making testing kits but the PCR machines itself, they can address a huge bottleneck in testing capacity


Sriram Natarajan (CEO), Dr. Chandrasekhar Nair (CTO)