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Problem being addressed:

India has a severe lack of ventilators (~50K, vs projected demand of 200K+). The demand is rapidly ramping up due to COVID-related issues, and the need to increase ventilator supply is urgent. India is also faced with a shortage of supply of doctors and personnel to continuously monitor ventilators. State governments as well as Tier2/3 city hospitals have limited resources to procure imported ventilators that cost anything between INR 5L to 15L per piece prescribe) + innovative ways to administer the test so that we can test at scale.

Unique solution:

Nocca manufactures mobile controlled, low-cost (~INR 60K to 90K per piece) and easy to manufacture intensive care ventilators specifically designed for Covid-19 cases - modular design which can accommodate different components onto the mainframe platform and has feature sets in-line with the latest MoFHW guidelines


Nikhil Kurele (Founder, B.Tech. IIT Kanpur 2016) with a team of 15 domain experts, supported by IIT Kanpur incubator