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Taking Help to the Remotest Corners of India During COVID_BW

Taking Help to the Remotest Corners of India During COVID

With the pandemic killing every aspect of livelihood, especially during the lockdown, people in rural areas were left wanting ...Read More

Robotic Solutions — Changing Health Treatment Protocols

In March when the national lockdown was announced in India, the government tried to prepare for patients by supporting hospitals with equipment...Read More

Equipping State War Rooms : The Drona Maps Solution

A conversation with the team at Drona Maps, which is helping administrative bodies create a control and command centre dashboard solution....Read More

Plasma therapy to the rescue of COVID-19 patients

ACT Grants is an INR 100CR grant created by India’s start-up community to give wings to ideas that could combat COVID-19 with immediate impact...Read More

Increasing Ventilator Supply : The Max Ventilator Solution

Max Ventilators, which is solving for the shortage of ventilator capacity in the country, has already delivered 150+ ventilators in India...Read More

Managing Covid Treatment Inside the Safety of Our Homes

Up until April, every other person who was diagnosed with coronavirus was being directly sent either to the hospitals or the COVID care centres for treatment...Read More

Supporting Livelihoods During COVID — ACT Grantees

When the national lockdown hit India in March, some of the most affected people were blue-collar and daily wage workers. Many of these workers were also...Read More

Supporting COVID Prevention Using Drone Technology

“During the lockdown period there were two things happening in parallel,” says Smit Shah, the Director of the Secretariat for the Drone Federation of India... Read More

Working Together Through the Pandemic

When the pandemic hit India, citizen groups and non-profit organizations came together to support vulnerable communities and frontline workers... Read More

Meeting India's Ventilator Emergency During COVID

The unprecedented rise in Covid19 cases has created a severe shortage in ventilators for extremely critical patients and the costs of procuring them makes them...Read More

Scaling solutions for India’s healthcare infrastructure

“It was a matter of persistence and small wins,” says an ACT Grants representative, who is part of the government engagement team within ACT Grants...Read More

Expediting Covid19 Testing in India via AI-based Solutions

Covid19 is as mysterious to the medical fraternity as it is to the general public, maybe a little less yes but definitely not a puzzle everyone’s been able...Read More

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