Critical Resources for Covid19

Jaanch Bachaaye Jaan

As the spread of Covid-19 has brought about fear across the country, there has also been a rise in the fear and stigma associated with testing. To require testing is often viewed as a dire prognosis, and to see a friend or neighbour get tested has often resulted in fear, stigma, and ostracism of the one being tested. As a result, those who might need testing are actively avoiding the process, for fear of becoming a social outcast or having to receive grave news.


Jaanch Bachaaye Jaan aims to help destigmatise Covid-19 testing across the country. Through our messages, we hope to help citizens understand that testing is a vital tool in our fight against this pandemic. The aim is to educate our country’s population that testing is a smart and responsible move, to be taken on a doctor’s advice, and not to be avoided or feared.

Rahul Dravid

Saif Ali Khan

Hrithik Roshan