Scaling Technology Based mental well being solutions in Public Healthcare systems in India

30th March 2022
We have a line-up of very eminent people here today who are already doing phenomenal work in the field of mental health. To start with, we are excited to have Dr Anand Madhusudan Nadkarni, who is a household name when it comes to mental health not only in Maharashtra, but across the country. We also have Dr Aarti Bang from SEARCH Foundation who has been doing pathbreaking work with the tribals of Gadchiroli. She also would share her experiences while working with the tribals. In addition, we have two platforms - Wysa and IWill, who are working in the field of mental wellness with whom we have partnered and we are supporting, to take the next step forward in the space. We also have Ms Archana Kapoor with us from the SMART Community Radio Network.

Oxygenation for COVID patients

17th January 2022

In the wake of third wave of COVID 19 baring its fangs all across the country which has come real quick, we have seen the numbers of infections spiralling up very suddenly. We realised that the work done in terms of oxygenation during the second wave be it by ACT Grants or by any other agency, government or private, a lot of capacity was built and there is no dearth of equipment in the hospitals and the hospitals are all geared up to face the challenge.

Oxygen Concentrators - Specifications, Precautions, Maintenance

21st December 2021

This webinar was conducted on 21 Dec 2021 and it received an overwhelming response with more than 200 people attending from all across the country.

Innovations in Healthcare Ecosystem

23rd November 2021

In it's endeavour to keep the community engaged and the promise of bringing forward new ideas and innovations, ACT Grants organised their second webinar on 23 Nov 2021 at 6:30 pm. This was a session for hospitals, NGOs & government to come together and meet two of the innovators from the healthcare ecosystem & explore synergies!

PSA Plants : Taking Care and Staying Prepared

20th October 2021

In our endeavour to continuously engage with the society and work along side for the betterment of it, further to the installation of over 100 PSA oxygen generation plants across India, ACT Grants organised a webinar on 20 October 2021 with the theme “PSA Plants - Taking care and Staying

Managing communication with stakeholders

Co-Founder & CEO Of Bounce On Communications

Vivekanand Hallekere, founder of Bounce and active leader in the Startups vs COVID community shares best practices on managing communications with stakeholders.

In conversation with Karan Mohla from Chiratae.

ACT Webinar on "Strategic Relationships and M&A"

With Mukesh Bansal, Co-Founder Of Cure.Fit

Mukesh Bansal, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Indian ecosystem, from Myntra to Flipkart to Curefit, shares his advice on how to manage strategic relationships and M&A in these uncertain times.

In conversation with Karthik Prabhakar from Chiratae.

Webinar on "Managing Crisis and Growth during COVID-19"

With Hari Menon, Founder of BigBasket

Hari Menon, founder of one of the most successful e-commerce startups BigBasket , shares his advice on how to manage crisis and growth in the times of Covid.

In conversation with Vani Kola from Kalaari.

Webinar on "Strategic Relationships and M&A - Banker and VC perspective"

With Karan Sharma, Executive Director at Avendus

Karan Sharma, Executive Director at Avendus, a leading investment bank for tech companies, shares best practices on managing strategic relationships and M&A.

In conversation with Dev Khare from Lightspeed.

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