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Problem being addressed:

PPEs are the first line of defence for doctors and health workers treating patients. There is a massive shortage of PPEs throughout the country today, with manufacturers at full capacity. If we don’t have enough PPEs, we lose our troops (doctors) on the ground and effectively lose the war. This is the basic armor they need to fight this battle. prescribe) + innovative ways to administer the test so that we can test at scale.

Unique solution:

Zetwerk is augmenting the supply of ‘coveralls’ to fasten time to market by repurposing factories of existing garment manufacturers to produce coveralls. They also connect manufacturers to suppliers of raw materials for faster procurement. Zetwerk is also aggregating and matching demand along with logistics


Amrit Acharya : CEO, Zetwerk (Ex-ITC, Mck.) (BTech IIT Madras 2010) and Srinath Ramakkrushnan : (Ex-ITC, OfBusiness (co-founder), Blackbuck) (BTech IIT Madras 2010)

Grant Impact:

Zetwerk successfully closed the ACT Grant objectives in August 2020. In doing so, they delivered 3,93,737 PPEs worth Rs. 29.94 Cr. creating a positive on-ground impact for Doctors and healthcare workers.They repurposed factories of existing garment manufacturers to produce coveralls.They connected manufacturers to suppliers of raw materials and also helped them with all the permissions required. Their commitment to connect manufacturers with suppliers and they achieved this by unlocking 21 new suppliers leading to an increase in supply capacity by 1,00,000 units per week.