Accelerating climate
impact through water
security, air quality,
land rejuvenation
and waste management

ACT For Environment

The Challenge

India, like many other nations, is grappling with an urgent need to address the climate crisis. The country’s annual contribution to global carbon emissions is projected to rise by 12.6%. If current water usage patterns persist, experts foresee the demand outpacing the supply by 40% by 2030. And these figures only reflect the tip of the iceberg.


Of India is facing high to extremely-high water stress


Of the most polluted cities in the world are in India


Of India’s landmass is under irreversible degradation


Of global sanitation losses are attributed to India

The need of the hour is to nurture innovations that can accelerate progress on our climate goals and help create a cleaner and greener environment.

Our Thesis

ACT For Environment aims to catalyze climate action through innovations for better air quality, effective energy transition, efficient waste management, water security, and land rejuvenation.

The 50 Cr fund will seed the capabilities of ‘new and novel’ innovations that have the potential to create outsized climate impact as well as accelerate the progress of validated ‘here and now’ innovations that have a measurable environmental benefit.

Air Quality


Reduce air pollution at source or enable direct carbon capture through technology or process.

Water Security


Improve overall water security by reducing water waste and increasing water savings.

Waste Management


Enable circularity by reducing waste, turning waste to value and increasing resource efficiency.

Land Rejuvenation


Rejuvenate soil health and enable soil sequestration of carbon across agriculture, forestry and urban landscapes.

Energy Transition


Drive energy transition, efficiency, and access through alternative fuels, innovative battery chemistries, and distributed renewable energy solutions.

Our Portfolio


Agri To Power

An AI based platform that uses satellite imagery to identify areas where crop waste burning is prevalent & creates a marketplace where crop waste can be turned into clean biofuels instead.



A platform that provides hyperlocal environmental intelligence to enable real-time climate action.



An advanced pyrolysis solution that converts non-recyclable plastic waste into a purified oil that can be used to produce aviation fuel and sustainable chemicals.



A process tech company that converts rice husk ash into green precipitated silica and activated carbon for industrial purposes.



A tech company that uses agri-waste to create advanced nano carbons which are used on battery electrode plates to increase the battery cycle life and enhance energy efficiency.


Centre For Environment Concerns

A first-of-its-kind root zone measured moisture diffuser that comes as an add-on to drip irrigation laterals along with locally farm-made microbe inoculum to foster soil health.



A biotech startup whose microbial gel-based product increases agri-yield and improves soil quality while reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and decreasing farmer costs.


Farmers for Forests

A forestry startup whose payment for ecosystem services model financially compensates local communities for providing environmental services like carbon sequestration, afforestation etc.


Grassroots Energy

An energy startup that uses a patented reactor design and proprietary microbial cultures to convert organic waste into Green Hydrogen.


Indra Water

An electrically-driven modular system that’s designed to treat wastewater in a decentralized manner at the point of source.



A biotech startup whose specialized microbial formulation transforms agri-stubble into a rich organic manure.



A battery recycling startup that uses an energy and water efficient hybrid hydrometallurgy process to extract rare metals like Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel and Manganese from Li-ion battery waste.


Solinas Integrity

A robotics startup building a ‘Rehabilitation Bot’ that can enable end-to-end inspection and cleaning of sewer pipelines to prevent water contamination at source.



A climate startup building an alternative to plastic packaging by extracting dried biomass from seaweed to build flexible films that are fully home-compostable and marine-degradable.

Our Expert Advisors

What Are We Looking For

If you’re a social entrepreneur building an innovative climate impact solution, we want to hear from YOU!

Here is a quick checklist that’ll help you understand what we’re looking for and whether your product / solution would be eligible to be evaluated for a grant:

  • Technology / Innovation led:
    The solution should use technology or innovation in either product, process or business model as a leverage for growth.

  • Addresses Issue At Source:
    Should solve for the cause instead of being built to address the resulting symptom. For example, air purifiers will not fall under our investment thesis.

  • Evidence Of Environmental Impact
    Should have demonstrated potential to create significant environmental impact at scale in one of our focus areas.

  • Roadmap To Sustainability
    Must have a clear roadmap to grow sustainably beyond ACT’s support.

We do not look at funding the renewable energy or green mobility sectors and actively screen out solutions that may contribute to greenwashing or have an indirect negative environmental impact.

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