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India contributes 2.4 billion tonnes to global carbon emissions every year; a figure that’s expected to rise by 12.6%. By 2030, 40% of India’s population will lack access to clean drinking water; over 600 million people are already facing water shortages. 1/3rd of India’s land mass is under irreparable degradation; a result of human-induced actions which is causing its biodiversity, soil fertility and overall health to decline.

We’re living in a time where averting our eyes from the climate crisis is not an option anymore. Climate action at scale needs innovation that can help create a cleaner and greener environment as a way to rebuild our world.

Our Thesis

ACT For Environment aims to catalyze climate action through innovations to achieve net zero carbon emissions, water security and land rejuvenation.

The 100 Cr ACT environment fund will accelerate the capabilities of non-profit as well as for-profit organizations working on climate impact by working on the market adoption and mainstreaming of marketed tested innovations that have a measurable environmental benefit.

Air Quality

Sequester carbon emissions, reduce air pollution and enable data driven decisions to lower pollution levels

Water Security

Reduce water waste, increase ground water security, reduce water pollution and rejuvenate water bodies

Waste Management

Keep waste out of landfills or fire pits, reduce waste generation and turn waste into value

Land Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate soil health, regenerate biodiversity and enable soil sequestration of carbon

Our Portfolio

Our Expert Advisors

The India Clean Air Challenge (ICAC), a partnership between the government and the startup community, is a $1 million competition designed to identify and scale clean air innovations that are most capable of solving India’s air pollution challenges.

Winners are offered business advisory and mentorship by the ACT network and are invited to showcase their innovations to investors, corporates and government bodies to enable wide-scale adoption.

2022 saw 6 ICAC winners emerge: Bounce Infinity, Agri To Power, Brisil, AP Chemi, Pi Green Innovations and Nurture Farm.

ICAC 2022 Partners