ACT For Environment welcomes Grassroots Energy to its portfolio

February 8, 2024
In the vast and dynamic landscape of India's energy sector, currently responsible for 73% of total GHG emissions, the urgency for sustainable solutions is stark.
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ACT is looking for social entrepreneurs who are solving for India’s energy efficiency challenges

February 2, 2024
India is the third-largest consumer of energy in the world and will account for 25% of the growth in global energy demand from 2019 to 2040.
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ACT For Health renews its support to Periwinkle Technologies

January 11, 2024
Cervical cancer is a critical public health issue in India, which has one of the world’s highest incidence rates and ranking as the second-most common cancer affecting women in the country.
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ACT welcomes Karya to the collective with our first Education x Women grant

January 10, 2024
As per the UNDP’s Multidimensional Poverty Index, 15% of India’s population, i.e ~200 million people, live in poverty.
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Bridging the healthcare divide: How technology is bringing a ray of hope in rural India

December 18, 2023
In the most remote areas of rural India, affordable and accessible healthcare continues to be a challenge for underserved populations even today.
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Seeds of Hope: Farmers For Forests transforming lives and livelihoods in rural Maharashtra

December 7, 2023
In the quiet village of Yermagad, in Maharashtra's Gadchiroli district, a 73-year-old farmer named Najukrao Ranu Achala leads his life in a tiny hut on his 8-acre land with 7 goats, 11 cows, 38 hens, and 2 dogs.
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WISER 2023 finds that startups can lead the way on accelerating women’s workforce participation in India

October 29, 2023
Startups in India have the potential to create 2 million new jobs for women by 2030, suggests the Women in India’s Startup Ecosystem Report (WISER), adding that the ecosystem is uniquely positioned to attract female talent.
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Neurosynaptic joins the ACT For Health portfolio

September 13, 2023
In the ever evolving quest to provide quality healthcare services to rural populations, the emergence of tele-medicine has ushered in a new era of healthcare delivery.
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Dvara Health Finance joins the ACT For Health collective

August 25, 2023
Across urban and rural adult populations in India, there is a substantial prevalence of health concerns such as diabetes, prediabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension.
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ACT For Health welcomes C3 Medtech to its portfolio

August 21, 2023
India faces a daunting healthcare challenge with an estimated 270 million people experiencing vision loss. Among them, 9.2 million individuals are burdened with irreversible blindness and shockingly, 90% of these cases are preventable.
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Cancrie joins the ACT For Environment portfolio

August 7, 2023
Cancrie aims to impact the battery industry by significantly enhancing battery performance, reducing waste, and extending their lifespan.
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ACT For Health brings Adagio VR on board in collaboration with MITR Trust

July 6, 2023
ACT For Health has partnered with MITR Trust to support Adagio VR in delivering a 4-week program for the LGBTQI+ community in India. Adagio VR, an innovative startup co-founded by a British psychiatrist and a serial entrepreneur, offers a preventive wellbeing and behavioural change solution that leverages Virtual Reality (VR) to create impact.
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