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We believe everyone can be a co-founder of social change. ​

ACT scaled its impact through disruptive innovations by Indian startups

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Join the flow. Get involved. ACT now.

Be a co-founder of social change.

Our Initiatives

Healthcare, vaccination, livelihood generation, or any other areas that can help our country recover from the COVID-19 pandemic

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Access to clean air, water security, waste management and land rejuvenation

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Reducing learning poverty and preparing learners for life over the next 10 years

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Encouraging business practices that empower women across all levels in the start-up ecosystem

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Our Stories

Increasing Ventilator Supply: The Max Ventilator Solution

Max Ventilators, which is solving for the shortage of ventilator capacity in the country, has already delivered 150+ ventilators in India...

Robotic Solutions — Changing Health Treatment Protocols in India

In March when the national lockdown was announced in India, the government tried to prepare for patients by supporting hospitals with equipment...

Taking Help to the Remotest Corners of India During COVID_BW

Taking Help to the Remotest Corners of India During COVID

With the pandemic killing every aspect of livelihood, especially during the lockdown, people in rural areas were left wanting for critical medical resources...

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