Action in the time of COVID-19

INR 100CR grant created by India’s start-up community to give wings to ideas that could combat COVID-19 with immediate impact. We are seeking capital-efficient, scalable solutions from NGOs and innovative startups which need an initial seed grant to fight the spread of the pandemic.

What we're looking for

We are sponsoring ideas that could act as a force multiplier in today’s situation. We are backing India’s best start-up founders and deserving volunteers to combat Covid-19 using existing start-up assets. We are backing ideas that are capital efficient, scale ready and can create immediate impact

  • Prevention of COVID-19 spread
  • Scaling Testing
  • Disease management at home
  • Enhanced support for healthcare workers & hospitals
  • Management of critically-ill patients
  • Support for mental health

Prevention of COVID-19 spread

All ideas that help reduce the spread of the disease, including digital tools, social distancing apps, contract tracing, telemedicine, education etc.

Scaling Testing

All ideas which can help India scale testing for COVID-19, including new testing protocols, multi-stage testing frameworks, scaling current PCR testing capacity etc

Disease management at home

All initiatives where patients are supported via tele-medicine, provided healthcare services at home and guided to recover at home unless critically needed to go to hospitals

Enhanced support for healthcare workers & hospitals

All ideas that scale the availability of protective gear for healthcare workers, augment hospital capacity etc.

Management of critically-ill patients

All ideas that help expand ICU capacity, including trained staff, ventilators, oxygen supply, beds, tools for tracking capacity etc.

Support for mental health

All ideas that provide mental health support to families of patients and the broader community

Funds Raised (INR Cr)


Projects Funded






Funded Projects

How ACT Grants will help

We will help you as follows:

Capital: Between INR 1 lakh to 10 crores
Connections: Stakeholders like hospitals, governments, businesses
Consulting: Strategy, planning, execution

Application criteria

If you are an NGO / SMEs / startup that has a real solution to tackle problems arising due to COVID-19 and need financial support, apply now! The grant is sector agnostic and the solution can stem from any sector - services, manufacturing, healthcare, among others.

Commitment: We prefer teams who are putting in significant time to make their solutions real
Time to market: Every day is a lost opportunity to flatten the curve
Scale of impact: With 1.3 billion people we need scalable solutions
Capital efficiency: Resources need to be well utilized

Our Donors

Members of startup community that have come together in an attempt to combat COVID-19 with immediate impact

Following founders and corporate leaders have generously donated their time and resources

Members of these funds have donated in personal capacity

Organisations that have donated

Our Partners

Members of the larger community that are supporting us

How You Can Help

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