Accelerating India’s
progress on women's
workforce participation

ACT For Women

The Challenge

According to the 2023 World Economic Forum Gender Gap Index, India globally ranks at the bottom on women’s economic participation and opportunity.


Women of working age currently employed or seeking employment


Women suffered permanent job losses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Research suggests that increasing women’s labour force participation and enabling gender equity at the workplace could add $6 trillion to India’s GDP by 2050. But with emphasis having been on addressing supply and policy level challenges, there has been limited focus on enabling employers as a lever of change.

Our Thesis

The changing nature of employment in India offers a unique opportunity to address gender diversity at the workplace. In fact, an increasing body of evidence suggests that increasing women’s workforce participation can unlock huge value for organizations – with significant impact on talent, innovation, reputation and financial performance.

ACT For Women aims to accelerate India’s progress in workforce participation through data, tech-led platforms and collaboration. Our goal is to drive women’s workforce participation by partnering with organizations, with an initial focus on startups, to address demand side barriers to women’s employment.

Generate Insights


Build a body of knowledge for the startup ecosystem by identifying key enablers and sharing customized recommendations

Build Capacity


Support startups in replicating best practices to build scalable models that deliver a clear business case for gender diversity

Catalyse Innovation


Give grants to incubate innovations, scale impactful solutions and leverage technology that helps startups address demand side barriers

Our Portfolio


Frontier Markets

A tech-first startup that runs an assisted e-commerce platform which trains and equips a rural all-women's salesforce of ‘Sahelis’ to market and sell products / services to rural consumers through the ‘Meri Saheli’ app.



An innovative micro-tasking app that enables underserved communities to complete simplified AI/ML data tasks and generate supplementary income while providing them with upskilling opportunities and career guidance.

Pact For Gender Parity

The Pact For Gender Parity is a collective of India’s leading startups who are actively prioritizing the idea of enabling gender-equal workplaces as a way to increase women’s representation within the ecosystem.

If you’re a startup founder or CHRO, learn how YOU can lead the change on helping India improve its women’s workforce participation!

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