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When it comes to economic participation of women; India ranks at the bottom.

According to the 2022 World Economic Forum Gender Gap Index, India globally ranks in the bottom 5 on women’s economic participation and opportunity.

Increasing women’s labor force participation and gender equity could add $700+ billion to India’s GDP by 2025.

But doing so will require a multi-pronged approach spanning awareness, policy, safety and organisational processes as well as customising the approach for women across multiple levels – from blue collar & entry levels to leadership positions.

Our Thesis

With 80+ startups on board the Pact For Gender Parity, ACT For Women is set to drive best practices on women’s workforce participation & gender inclusivity that are vital to economic growth & prosperity.

Generate Insights

Create a State Of The Sector Report on women’s employment in the startup ecosystem to understand and improve key metrics on women's participation

Pilot Programs

Design and pilot interventions for women such as mentorship for the Startup Women’s Network, Return to Work programs etc.

Provide Catalytic Funding

Give grants to support programs & platforms that help women enter and remain in the workforce like affordable childcare, safe commuting etc.

Mobilize Stakeholder Engagement

Build networks within the ecosystem & drive engagement through research, progress updates and program recommendations

Pact For Gender Parity Members

If you’re an Indian startup founder, join the movement to enable gender inclusivity at your organisation – click here to sign the Pact For Gender Parity today!