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ACT was born as a response to the novel Coronavirus pandemic that took the world by storm.

By creating a platform with clear goals, data-backed decision-making and transparency on deployment of resources, we were able to galvanise funds, expertise & volunteers towards helping India fight the crisis.

Actioning prevention protocols, providing oxygen concentrators, pioneering tele-ICU services, driving vaccinations & enabling mental health counselling – we stopped at nothing to deliver whatever the country critically needed during the COVID 1st and 2nd waves.

According to a study by The Lancet, India ranks 145 among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare – patients are either never diagnosed or diagnosed too late.

This data shows the reality of the Indian healthcare system; even before being hit by the pandemic. There is a lack of public awareness on health, basic healthcare facilities are often not accessible and even when they are, the quality of care is well below global benchmarks. Quality medical care offered by private medical establishments is not affordable by many and there is a limited number of healthcare workers available to serve the needs of such a large population.

The healthcare ecosystem in India is plagued with supply side constraints which can be addressed with disruptive innovations which can make it more accessible and affordable for patients across socio-economic spectrums. 

Our Thesis

ACT For Health aims to improve access to quality and affordable healthcare in the areas of primary care, diabetes, cancer, tuberculosis and mental health.

The 100 Cr ACT healthcare fund will support digital/medtech/deeptech innovations in these spaces, by non-profit as well as for-profit organizations, and focus on deployment ready solutions that can address identified need gaps.

Provide Catalytic Funding

Give grants to support solutions & platforms that are pioneering high quality health tech innovations

Mobilise ACT's Network

Strengthen, scale and accelerate our grantees by leveraging the ACT network to meet key portfolio needs

Enable Ecosystem Adoption

Support NGOs and governments to adopt and deploy market tested innovations

Our Portfolio

COVID Portfolio