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Environmental degradation is the biggest, most complex challenge facing humanity. Supporting innovations and known solutions that can deliver climate impact is necessary to secure a viable future.

ACT Environment invests to catalyze climate impact at scale. The fund will support for-profit and not-for-profit organisations working towards market adoption and mainstreaming of market-tested innovations, with a measurable environmental benefit and an ability to be a force multiplier in the four areas of Air, Water, Waste and Land. The fund will measure success through the impact created by its investees, its ability to support investees in market adoption, leverage on capital, and the development of playbooks to scale or replicate climate impact.

Air Quality

Reduce air pollution, sequester carbon and enable data driven decision making to lower pollution levels

Water Security

Reduce water waste, increase water security at ground or aquifer levels, reduce water pollution and rejuvenate water bodies

Waste Management

Keep waste out of landfills or fire pits, reduce waste generation, increase responsible consumption and turn waste into value

Land Rejuvenation

Regenerate ecosystems, biodiversity and soil sequestration of carbon

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