September 6, 2022

Josh Skills joins the ACT For Education portfolio

India’s labour force participation is strikingly low as many youth are unable to secure jobs due to their inability to converse in English – a common requirement for many well-paying jobs.

This language barrier often restricts them from leveraging high-quality skill development courses which are mostly available in English and even for those who can navigate English courses, the user experience is theoretical and doesn’t build confidence in spoken English.

India is very unique given that the majority of the youth know some English but don’t have an environment where they can practice it freely to gain the confidence to speak. Based on this key insight, JoshTalks created the Josh Skills mobile app that offers affordable English courses which are custom created for the youth of Bharat.

Josh Skills certainly isn’t the first app made for spoken English but the high cost of acquisition & the need for live classes are big reasons why many other such courses are expensive and inaccessible to the masses.

With over 17Mn subscribers on their YouTube channel, the Josh team has a strong comparative advantage to attract users and have created a seamless peer to peer learning feature which allows them to practice English with each other; thus reducing the dependency on teachers.

ACT for Education is excited to partner with the JoshSkills team to open up affordable access to the app for youth from low-income backgrounds and develop intelligent content to personalise their learning journey!

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