ACT For Environment Grantee: FIBSOL

Even the simplest innovations have the potential to change the world!

Chemical fertilisers have long deprived agricultural soil of its natural ecosystem, thus reducing soil fertility. They’re also a major source of carbon emissions – 1 ton of chemical fertiliser releases almost 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide.

Dr. Kavitha Sairam , an expert in biochemistry and molecular biology, started FIBSOL to provide farmers with a bio alternative to chemical fertilisers. She created a gel-based product which contains a huge amount of good bacteria beneficial for increasing the yield of high-quality and nutritious food.

The gel-based technology also increases the shelf life of bacteria twofold, cuts down on bulk mass and does not need any special storage; thus reducing transportation and warehousing costs for farmers as well.

So far, FIBSOL has helped farmers reduce their use of chemical fertilisers by 50%, reduce their input costs by 22% and yet have a 20% higher, more nutritive yield!

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