ACT For Health Grantee: Saathealth

After years of working in the pharmaceutical sector – Aditi Ganju, a clinical biochemist, and her husband Dr. Aakash Ganju began thinking about how they could enable healthier futures for India’s underserved communities.

Saathealth, their entrepreneurial venture, was born as an attempt to help low-income families get easy access to credible health information and make timely healthcare decisions.

At the peak of COVID’s 2nd wave, they realised the wide gap between such communities and healthcare providers and decided to create an AI powered app. One that could not only share health information in an engaging and gamified way but also drive better health outcomes through connections with affordable healthcare.

Today, the Saathealth app is tailored to vernacular needs and has already reached over 7 million individuals across 10 cities!

We’re so excited to see the change their efforts will bring in India’s healthcare landscape in the coming time!

If you’re a social entrepreneur working on an innovative solution to the access to affordability gap on healthcare in India, get in touch with us here.

Because we believe that everyone can be a co-founder of social change!

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